Here is a woman wondering if abortion is safe

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone. The staff at Aim Women’s Center are here to help you as you figure out your options. You will need to make a decision that is best for you. The nurses and advocates are ready to help you learn about your options so that you can make an informed decision.

I have questions. Everyone does!

Everyone who experiences an unplanned pregnancy has many questions they need and want answers to. Some women want to know what abortion options are available. Others want to know about the risks and side effects associated with abortion procedures. Some want to know if they are even pregnant or not. Others want to know about abortion alternatives. Some women want to discuss what resources are available if they decide to parent. Others ask is abortion safe.

If you have a question, it is okay to ask it! No matter how big or small or silly the question may seem to you, you have the right to have your questions answered. The staff at Aim have been answering questions women have regarding unplanned pregnancies for years! The saying “I’ve heard it all!” is true for our staff…which only means they are even more prepared to answer your questions because they’ve been answering those same questions for other women in situations similar to yours.

What options do I have? We can discuss!

Most people consider two options when deciding what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. The two options people usually consider are abortion and parenting. Did you know you have more than just those two options? You can also choose to make an adoption plan.

Within the three main choices, abortion, adoption, and parenting, you have many other options. If you choose to have an abortion, you will then decide which abortion option is best for you. If you choose to make an adoption plan, you will get to decide if you want an open or closed adoption, along with many other choices. Lastly, if you choose to parent, you will have the opportunity to make many choices regarding how you want to raise your child.

No matter what options you are considering, the staff at Aim Women’s Center are here to support you. They can help you learn about your abortion options, get in touch with an adoption agency, or provide assistance in parenting.

What do I need to know? Let’s talk!

Before you have an abortion procedure performed, it is important that you understand the risks and side effects associated with an abortion. Scheduling an appointment at Aim can give you the opportunity to speak with a nurse about any questions or concerns you might have. It also is a good opportunity for you to learn about anything the nurse will bring up that you may not have been aware of. Your first step in answering your question “is abortion safe” is to talk with a medical professional.

At the beginning of your appointment, one of the nurses at Aim will run a urine pregnancy test. The nurse will let you know if your test is positive or negative. If your test is positive, the nurse will ask you a few brief questions about your medical history and then set you up for a limited ultrasound. The limited ultrasound will be performed by a trained staff member and the results will be read by a doctor.

Your limited ultrasound will tell you three important things: how far along your pregnancy is, if your pregnancy is viable, and if your pregnancy is in your uterus. These questions are important to have answers to. These answers will help you make a safe and fully informed decision about your unplanned pregnancy.

How far along is my pregnancy?

How far along your pregnancy is will determine which abortion procedures are available to you. For example, the abortion pill is only available until you are 10 weeks pregnant. If you are considering taking the abortion pill, it would be important for you to know exactly how far along you are.

Is my pregnancy viable?

It is also important to determine if your pregnancy is viable. Some women do not have a viable pregnancy and do not show any signs or symptoms of a miscarriage until a few weeks later. If your pregnancy it is not viable, you will need to see a doctor for appropriate treatment. Treatment for a miscarriage is different than having an abortion procedure. Additionally, your insurance may cover costs associated with treatment for a miscarriage but may not assist with coverage for an abortion procedure.

Is my pregnancy in my uterus?

Having an ultrasound performed will also determine if your pregnancy is in your uterus or not. If your pregnancy is located outside your uterus, this is called an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is life threatening for you and may result in serious complications or death if not addressed right away. You will need immediate care in an emergency room if you have an ectopic pregnancy. It is not safe to take the abortion pill if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Can I discuss my options? Yes!

After your ultrasound at Aim Women’s Center, your nurse will sit down with you and ask if you would like to discuss your abortion options. If you do not want to discuss your options, you can let your nurse know. It is up to you to decide what you do and do not want to discuss during your appointment.  If you would like to discuss your abortion options, you can let your nurse know. They will discuss what each procedure is like and what you can expect to happen during your procedure. Your nurse will also talk with you about how to take care of yourself after your procedure and what to expect in the days and weeks after.

Remember, you do not have to make a decision about the outcome of your pregnancy before or during your appointment. You can make your decision when you feel it is the right time and you have the information you need. The nurses at Aim Women’s Center are specifically educated and trained in discussing abortion procedures, risks, and side effects. They want you to make an informed decision.

Can I talk with the staff after my appointment? Of course!

You can always reach back out to the staff at Aim after your procedure if you have any questions or feel like you need additional support. Your advocate will ask you if and when you would like the nurse to reach out and check in with you. Many women like to set up a follow up call so they know someone from their appointment will be checking in with them.

You can also set up another appointment to come back in at a later time. Sometimes women want to come back to discuss their options again after they have had some time to think things through. Often, women have more questions after they have time to go home and think about their appointment and review the informational brochures given to them during their appointment.

Coming back for a second appointment is always encouraged so that you can make an educated and fully informed decision. Your nurse and advocate will be available to answer your questions so that you can feel empowered in the decision you make for yourself.

How can I reach out? Call!

No matter what your situation is, we are here to help. You can call today to speak confidentially with our helpline staff about your situation and get your questions answered. The helpline staff will be able to schedule an appointment for you if you would like. You can click here or click the number at the top of the page

It takes a lot of courage for you to make any decisions about your pregnancy. Taking the next step and deciding to call Aim is a big step for you and we are happy to help you.

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