If you’re faced with a difficult decision, it helps to know you have options. Making an adoption plan is one option for your unexpected pregnancy.  

The Adoption Journey

Sometimes the best decisions are the hardest ones. Adoption is definitely a loving, but hard choice.

Today, all adoption decisions are made by the birth mother (and father if he’s available). You are in complete control. You decide who the adoptive family will be, what type of home life you want for your child, and how often (if at all) you want to communicate with them. 

Is Adoption Right For You?

Only you truly know your life situation and what brought you here, and only you can decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your child.

By law, no one can force you to make an adoption plan. In Ohio, you cannot consent to the adoption before 72 hours have passed after the birth of your child. At any point, you are free to change your mind before giving consent.

Motherhood looks different for every woman. Choosing adoption doesn’t mean you’re no longer a mother. It means you’ve chosen others to parent your child. Adoption could be right for you for some of the following reasons:

  • You feel you’re too young or too immature to parent
  • You’re just beginning school or building your career
  • You don’t want the day-to-day responsibilities of being a parent but also don’t want an abortion
  • You feel you can’t support a child emotionally or financially
  • You’re in an unstable and potentially dangerous relationship
  • You have other children and there aren’t enough resources to add another

The Adoption Process

Your first step is to find an agency, lawyer, or other adoption specialists to work with. We can provide you with trusted referrals.

A professional adoption coordinator will understand Ohio law and be able to explain the process to you fully. You should never be asked to pay anything for their services.

Adoption Plans

There are a variety of ways to create an adoption plan. An open adoption plan is the most common today. Open adoption allows you to have direct contact with the adoptive family and ultimately, your child. It’s the best way to reassure yourself that you made the right decision for your child.

closed adoption plan lets you stay completely anonymous. No identifying information such as names or locations is shared by either side. Some women feel this is an easier way to move on with their lives.

semi-open adoption plan is somewhere between the first two. You have the ability to contact the adoptive family and your child, but it’s handled through the adoption specialist you’ve chosen.

Learn More

Adoption, like all of your options, is not an easy decision to make. It is courageous, hard, selfless, and difficult all at the same time. We’re happy to share more adoption information, resources, and referrals with you. No matter what you choose for your unexpected pregnancy, we remain committed to seeing the best for your life.

Schedule a no-cost appointment to talk to a member of our supportive staff. We are here for you!